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  • Mosycousis Project
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Mosycousis Project

Intelligent Monitoring System based on Acoustic Emissions Sensing for Plant Condition Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

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MOSYCOUSIS poster presentation by SITEX participation at International Technical Fair TIB 16/19 October 2013 at ROMEXPO Bucharest -Innovation Forum/Inventica Events  2013.




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An unexpected failure in an industrial production chain not only does it involve the costs of failed parts replacement, but also those associated to man-hours labour. A predictive maintenance plan based on the system Mosycousis is being developed in order to keep machines in working order. This plan will help to reduce operating risks, avoid plant failures, provide reliable equipment, reduce operating costs and eliminate the defects of machinery with the aim of maximising production.

This predictive maintenance system will be developed by means of a new generation of wireless sensors network installed at different parts of the machine. When a material is subjected to a great level of stress, prior to malformation or destruction by failure, a rapid release of strain energy takes place in the form of elastic waves which can be detected by these wireless sensors placed on the machines that one wishes to monitor. The sensor detects, identifies and diagnoses the cause of the predictable failure and moreover, sends a warning signal to a central computer for it to be registered for its subsequent analysis.

The machines that will benefit the most from this system are the rotating ones, since these produce cyclic fatigue cracks, friction, turbulences, cavitation, leakage, etc. For this reason, many SMEs that count with this kind of machinery could profit from an affordable simple device or wireless sensor which is capable of giving warning of possible failures of the machinery. Therefore, this system will allow companies to count with a continuous report on the conditions of the machinery and its structural “health” and it would also inform them on its necessary maintenance.

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